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oder so

Share my life,
Take me for what I am.
'Cause I'll never change
All my colors for you.

Take my love,
I'll never ask for too much,
Just all that you are
And everything that you do.

I don't really need to look
Very much further/farther,
I don't wanna have to go
Where you don't follow.
I will hold it back again,
This passion inside.
Can't run from myself,
There's nowhere to hide.
(Your love I'll remember forever.)

Don't make me close one more door,
I don't wanna hurt anymore.
Stay in my arms if you dare,
Or must I imagine you there.
Don't walk away from me.
(No, don't walk awya from me. Don't you dare walk away from me.)
I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you (you, you, you./If I don't have you, oh, oo.)

und wo ist der, ohne den ich nichts habe?

Viel zu weit weg hier..doch wenigstens gehöre ich zu den Menschen, die schon wissen wer es ist Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass ich ihn vielleicht nie wieder sehe, weiß ich dennoch nicht genau, ob ich dies so positiv bewerten sollte

11.11.06 22:24

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